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View our extensive range of pieces featuring (Ft) or Embellished with Swarovski® crystals click here.

Swarovski® crystals are manufactured in Austria by Swarovski®, the internationally renowned and revered company which was founded in 1895. The crystals manufactured by Swarovski®  are described as “one step closer to a diamond” and feature an extensive range with a vast variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs. (All Rights Reserved. Swarovski® is a registered trademark of Swarovski® AG).
For any model that we sell featuring (“Ft”), With (“w/”) or "Embellished with" Crystals from Swarovski®, please be advised that this model is independently designed, manufactured and branded E xclusively E xclusive with use of Genuine Swarovski® Crystals (sourced from the Swarovski® company) and incorporated into the item's design.   These designs featuring (“Ft”), With (“w/”) or "Embellished with" Crystals from Swarovski® are NOT the same as that of a Swarovski® Branded Product by the Swarovski® Brand, like you would find in your local Swarovski® retail store. If you are looking to purchase a Swarovski® Branded Product by the Swarovski® Brand we recommend you make your purchase from your local Swarovski® retail store.


For all pieces stated with .925 Sterling Silver you can rest assured that all of these pieces are Stamped 925, so you know its genuine. All .925 Sterling Silver are made from Quality Silver sourced and mined from all parts of the world including Mexico, Peru, China, Russia, Australia.

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Most of our jewellery comprises of an alloy* with electroplating. Electroplating is a process by which a layer (usually gold or rhodium) is placed over a base metal or alloy. This gives jewellery the appearance and shine of silver or gold, but at a lower price than jewellery that is solid gold (or 24 karat pure gold).
*Alloy refers to a fusion of several elements, one of which is a metal. This word is usually used when talking about a metal's composition in various jewellery.