Celebrity Collection

Celebrity Jewellery

As soon as it is featured in fashion magazines, celebrity jewellery becomes a must for all ladies. We offer you the famous items you know and love. Sophisticated and beautiful, this splendid celebrity jewellery is affordable as well. 

14K Heart Bracelet with Heart Clasp
66% OFF RRP $69.95
Circle-in-Circle Earrings - Gold Embellished with Crystals from Swarovski
65% OFF RRP $79.00
Heart Bracelet with Heart Clasp


69% OFF RRP $69.95
Matlida Bling Twist Pendant & Chain Set
69% OFF RRP $64.95
Royal Amethyst Deluxe Set


83% OFF RRP $174.90
925 Silver Gorgeous Glimmering Studs
72% OFF RRP $59.95
Heart Pend Chain set w CZ and faux pearl
73% OFF RRP $74.95